Frequently Asked

Q: Can you guarantee a specific number of leads?

A: No, we cant guarantee a number of leads because this varies depending on your target market, your product/your trying to sell, LinkedIn profile, copy, and timing. But based on our experience average booked meetings in a month is between 8 – 25 and the number of positive replies are between 20 – 50/monthly.

Q: Are you using a tool to send invites and follow ups or a virtual assistant?

A: We use both – manual and with automation. We have a dedicated tool to use that is cloudbase and safe for Linkedin. Used it for 2 years with 0% ban rate/restricted. We also have a dedicated IP ( based on the location of your LinkedIn ).

Q: How long until we can expect leads rolling in?

A: Usually we see leads in the first week but you should know that this process takes about 3 weeks to hit “full speed”.  This is because most LinkedIn users are not active every day and tend to take 3-5 days to accept connection requests or respond to messaging. We also must build momentum by sending connection requests every day until we reach a healthy amount of “sent pending requests”. These are the requests we have sent that have not yet been accepted. Once we reach over 1,000 sent pending requests, there will be a steady stream of people accepting our requests and getting queued into the message sequence. This is when we see the most leads coming in every week.

Q: How can you possibly connect me with that many quality connections? Are you just going to connect me with a bunch of spammers or fake accounts?

A: We are not simply connecting you with any old account–there’s little to no value in that. If you want to only connect with established CEOs and CMOs or CTOs, or only entrepreneurs based in the US with companies with at least 200 employees, that’s who we’ll connect you with, and no one else. LinkedIn offers a lot of filtering options so we can narrow in on exactly who you want to connect with.

Q: Are you really going to log into my account?

A: Yes. If you use your LinkedIn password anywhere else you’ll want to change it to be unique to LinkedIn only.

Q: Can I still use my account while you’re using it?

A: Absolutely! We’ll be doing extra work on your account, but you’re free to use it just as you always do, with minor exceptions which are easy to manage. The chances of us getting in your way, or you in ours, are slim.

Q: How often will you be in my account?

A: At least once per day, Mon-Fri, but likely more than once per day.

Q: How can I trust you to not download all my contacts and other information or send people crazy messages?

A: I’d sure be shooting myself in the foot and making this a short-lived venture if I did anything to violate your trust.

Q: Are there any additional fees?

A: Yes, you’ll need to upgrade your LinkedIn account to the Sales Navigator Professional level. You can upgrade to a monthly package, or pay a lower per-month fee if you pay annually.

Q: How long is the agreement?

A: There is a minimum 2-month commitment, after which it is month to month.Got any questions I haven’t answered for you above? Email me